#edcmooc – Week minus 8 (or thereabouts)

Splashy beggings (Graham Horn via Wikimedia commons)

That’s it. People are blogging already. Need.to.catch.up. I am joining the fray!

Fellow #edcmooc-ers (I expect that you may be my main audience at the moment – or ever;), as you would have gathered from the state of this blog, my attempts to join the digital milieu so far have been…sparse. Similarly to many of you, no doubt, I am excited about getting my teeth into more regular expression stimulated by the participation in this E-Learning and Digital Cultures offering from the MSc in E-learning distance education team at the University of Edinburgh via the ever-present Coursera.

The team must have done something right already, having me motivated to put myself out here, 8 weeks AHEAD of the start of the course. Or was it you, my intrepid peers? Blogging advice (suggested by @kmallwein) and blogging example (by @chrisswift) from you is really what pushed me over the edge (thanks to  @j_k_knox for retweeting these).

But let’s face it, that’s only one reason for the excitement. Since the lists seem to be the way to go – here is mine:

Excitement Reason 1. Develop digital presence…as per above.

Excitement Reason 2 – getting connected to all these wonderful people via a cMOOC! I have heard of MOOCs, and how they are to ‘transform’ HE, sometime over summer. Not sure where and how…no doubt a side-effect of all the Stanford and MIT publicity storm around their MOOC launches. Could not resist poking my nose in (see evidence here). Have been poking it in ever since (with less evidence;). Almost immediately I became aware of the MOOC duality – the xMOOC vs cMOOC model (see link to Tony Bates’ Making sense of moocs here). And while the xMOOCs have left me lukewarm (if comforted), I was rather intrigued by the connectivist ones, almost absent from the MOOC hype (even the guardian), and so wonderfully publicized by people who know a bit more about education – enter: Audrey Watters of Hackeducation (disclaimer: absolutely addicted to her and Steve Harggadon’s weekly podcasts). Managed to passingly touch on the #MOOCMOOC experience – which increased my excitement (although lacked the fulfillment – just not enough time to get into the week of intensity while trying to migrate our courses between the VLEs:(). Well – now I am ready, and ahead of time. Let’s do some connecting:)

Excitement Reason 3. Comparative experimentation with true transformation in HE. Perhaps due to over excitement with the whole MOOC thing, I have also enrolled on the OU’s Openess and Innovation in Education course. Although it is a fully-paid-for experience (i.e. not free like most of the MOOCs out there), the segment run by Martin Weller is going to be run on the cMOOC model. Both, the #edcmooc Coursera and the OU’s course, are delivered from within, to my eye, non-connectivist contexts – the former using a classical xMOOC platform and the latter from within a ‘walled university garden’. I am looking forward to see how they both challenge the underlying technology/context and expand the existing paradigms – will it work? Certainly exciting to join in generating some press for what I would call the true transformation of learning in HE…a bit grandiose, I know, but we should aim to change the world, should we not;)

That’s my 3 cents for now…no matter how splashy and unfinished, it is out there. Let the connecting begin!


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