MOOC MOOCing with multimedia

Felt bad for not contributing to the Monday’s project.

So I did spend some time today building my response to the Tuesday’s question: What kind of learning do you value most?

Here it is.

Used photostory (I know – oldstyle or what?). And lots of cc images – thanks for sharing folks! Here are the credits for them:

I am no expert here but the word association pattern clearly indicates that I like my learning varied. Although a bit cautious about the whole connected community interactive and collaborative thing. Poking it with stick right now. Will report the results.

How does it relate to MOOCs et al.? Well – there is a growing variety out there. There is even variety within each kind (seemingly so little acknowledged!) – just speaking of my experience with Coursera here (compare and contrast social network analysis and networked life post is in the pipeline – promise!). So I think I will fare well:)

Long day so I think I will look through what you all posted tomorrow…now to sleep!


3 thoughts on “MOOC MOOCing with multimedia”

    1. Thanks Angela:) I am afraid that I got totally distracted by search for the right illustrations yesterday…glad it got the point across:)

  1. Not at all too old style at all – video assignments are a real connectivity problem for me. I’m downloading Photo Story now. I haven’t tried it yet, but slide shows can also be converted to .wav files for YouTube upload.

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