Invitation to a participation space

Instead of posting at you folks – I though we could simply have a chat around the readings for this week. And add some more.

So I set up a Diigo group. And shared some initial thoughts which popped into my head when I was working through the list. Should be more fun than doing yet another blog post methinks;)

If you want to join in the convo – go here:

(apologies as in a hurry I seem to have misnamed it – of course it should be peeragogy!)

You will need to set up a Diigo account but it’s a breeze and so worth it.

Go here for some quick tips for collaborative annotation from @boisebarbara.

Pls let me know if any problems with getting into the group – I think I made it public and open but might have messed something up…


3 thoughts on “Invitation to a participation space”

  1. sorry I missed this. but I haven’t even checked the hub to see if my blog is still on it from #digiwrimo. many moocs have Diggo accounts ~ all open too. look for change11, edumooc, mccpot (Program for Online Teaching), CMC11 … others (brain fog setting in). George Siemens saves his bookmarks there too ~ open

    1. Vanessa – thanks for your pointers, I will have a wee peek later:) I realized that in an intense cmooc such as mooc mooc turned out to be it is probably best to follow the crowd for where the conversation is already taking place (I think it worked best via the two ‘official’ comm tools for us- twitter and storify:). It is much harder to attract people to your own space to create your own conversation. But with some patience somebody may finally turn up;) Perhaps this is the conclusion we were meant to draw from the challenge of ‘doing something unscripted’ for this task;)

      1. I’m still glad you created the Diigo account. As someone who does a lot of social media, I know catching on can take time and persistence.I’d use the share feature to tweet #moocmooc (& other) tagged updates (and may do myself). Recurring moocs need a bookmark space that Twitter and Storify don’t quite fill.

        I’ve never much for crowd following anyway, too old to start now.

        PS I really like your “root” blog…rural NM has a very different climate but a lot of forests (national, state & NPS) and wildlife (sometimes in the unpaved streets of our village)

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